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Eight months may seem like a very long time when you're trying to sell French pastries to people who want donuts. Tweaking your menu toward items with better sales potential, such as cakes, is always a good idea. Adding a few meal items can also boost sales.You may find a compromise, but it'll no doubt take time to achieve better sales.
Or they may be looking for your SS# or an EIN#  ... the number you use when filing your tax return. Call and ask them to be specific.   (EIN is an Employer ID Number - you do not have to be an employer and it's very easy to get one. Apply online, it takes only a few minutes.)   
Your customer seems to be quite insistent. Every recipe is different, but two weeks should be fine if the cookies are in air-tight packaging. Every year my baking group makes holiday cookie trays as a fundraiser for our regional food bank - and all the cookies last at least three weeks.
Hi Claire! Packaging to keep air out is the best way to ensure a longer shelf life. Lining the box or tin with foil can help.
 She's already bought the first ingredient - a can of worms. At the very least, charge by the hour, not less than minimum wage, and keep track of your time. Hon, there are big hazards ahead. 
Does this happen with all your cakes, or only one recipe? 
Hyperbole.   hy·per·bo·le hīˈpərbəlē/ noun   exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. synonyms: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, embroidery, embellishment,excess, overkill, rhetoric; More          
Extracts are much stronger than liqueurs, so I wouldn't substitute the Kirschwasser for vanilla. If you have a chocolate cake recipe, you can use it for Black Forest Cake. Or find one here on CakeCentral, I know there are threads about this. Then soak in a simple syrup with Kirschwasser. Google for photos of the cake...Also, make rumballs but use Kirschwasser instead of rum. Enjoy experimenting! 
or in a Black Forest Cake
You seem like a real dynamo, jazzypetite! I'm just curious - How does your husband feel about this? Does he get a vote? 
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