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 And check out the competition. In some areas the cake business is already saturated with too many people selling cheap cake. You'll need to really target your market. 
Your post shows concern for what people think about you, concern for your husband, and bitterness towards the demands of your life. But you run this business, not your customers and not your husband.    Ask yourself why you are in business. To enjoy cake decorating? To pay the bills? To satisfy your customers' needs for lower-priced cakes? To make your husband happy? It often happens that our business decisions become twisted up with non-business issues. Until you can...
Yeah, that's the important thing. Who would buy your cupcakes?
Regardless of how many entries in a category, one of our local counties in New York will not give a ribbon if the items don't meet a certain standard. 
Very, very nice looking birthday cake! You did a fabulous job with it!!   I'm not that familiar with edible images and how they are placed on cakes, so this is just my opinion. It seems that, in general, and not referring to storestore's sweet cake, these kinds of images need to have a finishing touch, perhaps a border around the perimeter/edge so the image blends in. What do you all think?
Yeah, well my sister can do it for free. Too bad she's AWOL right now.  
Sounds like a great way to slow down your schedule while increasing your skill level. Happy New Year!
 Nice cake! Forty dollars, I want each tier a different flavor. My party is tomorrow. Deliver by 2 pm and we have a deal!
 I hope those signs worked better than the ones used for wet paint.
A team of food stylists are employed to achieve visual perfection.   Cakes appear perfect in the same way that models and well-known personalities are flawless. 
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