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 Speed and stamina.
Best thread EVER for sharing how real-world bakers simplify the job.
That site only repeats things we have already covered here on CC. Perhaps members can use the search bar at the top of the page for even more, detailed info.
 My husband and I will only use a licensed, legal business. Using a legitimate business gives consumers more protection since a minimum standard has been met, such as having insurance, license, and respect for our laws. Sorry, but when I hear people rally around those illegal cake businesses, it always sounds as if they are illegal, too.  
If your two recipes bake at the same time and temp, then they can be swirled together in the same pan. Or, use the suggestion to mix cocoa and oil (added to a small amount of vanilla batter).
Very, very nice, Jen!
Not sure if Chrystal is still here. Thread is from 2005.
 Your photo is lovely, an elegant rustic look. (I, too, don't usually like naked cakes. My first thought when I see one: Uh, oh, they ran out of icing.)    
I think it was spam.
Is this a charity event? Or will you be there hoping to make money?
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