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 Some people don't know the difference between a fad and a trend. Remember when low carb took over the universe?
It's a thick batter so blueberries shouldn't sink... Plain with drizzled chocolate sounds great! 
Or just skip the filling. I use a similar recipe and sometimes bake it plain. Sliced, it's perfect with fresh fruit or a sauce. It also makes a good yellow cake.
 If no one has a recipe, then yes! Create your own and share it here!  
Any nut will do, skip the cinnamon. Or make it without the filling. This is a tender and flavorful loaf.
 My first products were cookies, muffins, breads, pies, and other traditional bakery products. I had very little interest in cakes until my home-based business moved into a retail storefront. When customers asked for cakes, we began making simple birthday and all-occasion cakes. When customers asked for wedding cakes, I bought a Wilton decorating book. Eventually my interest and skill-level increased. These days, however, the market is so saturated with cheap cake ladies,...
 Accuracy is not on the agenda. Maybe the fine people who devise those tests can create a food-centric quiz just for us. Now that would stir the pot!  
This is a way to increase revenue? Or a psychological quiz, like the kind an employer gives to applicants to see if we will fit the CC mold?
 1. Customers do this kind of thing. Some people even cancel the appointment but don't bother letting you know.2. Tastings do not need that many items. Consider cutting back.3. "Cleared the morning"? That's too much time to spend on one possible customer. 4. Be pleasant and brief, as the @thecakewitch suggested.
If you're planning on adding a cake business to your cakepops, consider buying two sets of the same size pans. It makes production far easier. 
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