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Food vendors attend all kinds of fairs and festivals and are usually part of a food court. The organizer might only be thinking about your table as part of the craft vendors. You need to find out what foods will be sold.
 FYI - Vegan diets do not include honey. 
 Some people don't know the difference between a fad and a trend. Remember when low carb took over the universe?
It's a thick batter so blueberries shouldn't sink... Plain with drizzled chocolate sounds great! 
Or just skip the filling. I use a similar recipe and sometimes bake it plain. Sliced, it's perfect with fresh fruit or a sauce. It also makes a good yellow cake.
 If no one has a recipe, then yes! Create your own and share it here!  
Any nut will do, skip the cinnamon. Or make it without the filling. This is a tender and flavorful loaf.
 My first products were cookies, muffins, breads, pies, and other traditional bakery products. I had very little interest in cakes until my home-based business moved into a retail storefront. When customers asked for cakes, we began making simple birthday and all-occasion cakes. When customers asked for wedding cakes, I bought a Wilton decorating book. Eventually my interest and skill-level increased. These days, however, the market is so saturated with cheap cake ladies,...
 Accuracy is not on the agenda. Maybe the fine people who devise those tests can create a food-centric quiz just for us. Now that would stir the pot!  
This is a way to increase revenue? Or a psychological quiz, like the kind an employer gives to applicants to see if we will fit the CC mold?
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