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Insurance can be pricey. FLIP has the lowest rates I've seen and I recommend it to my students. I think member @leah_s uses this insurance.
 It may help to hear all stories, positive and negative. It makes you a more informed business owner.
There's no standard sizing for mini cupcake pans. And manufacturers (of pans and paper liners) don't talk to each other. Can you take the pan with you and shop for liners that fit?
Two possible reasons why your product sticks to the paper: Recipe is low in fat; or the paper is not formulated to work properly.
Food vendors attend all kinds of fairs and festivals and are usually part of a food court. The organizer might only be thinking about your table as part of the craft vendors. You need to find out what foods will be sold.
 FYI - Vegan diets do not include honey. 
 Some people don't know the difference between a fad and a trend. Remember when low carb took over the universe?
It's a thick batter so blueberries shouldn't sink... Plain with drizzled chocolate sounds great! 
Or just skip the filling. I use a similar recipe and sometimes bake it plain. Sliced, it's perfect with fresh fruit or a sauce. It also makes a good yellow cake.
 If no one has a recipe, then yes! Create your own and share it here!  
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