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 The custom cake business has changed over the past few years. You're right, it definitely is a constant battle and will continue this way, with new cakers entering the already over-saturated market. Sadly, they decide to charge below cost to "make a name" for themselves. When they go out of business ("hey, this isn't fun anymore") other new cakers come along to take their place. The good news, is that people always need celebration cakes. If your business does not meet...
 Greetings! I'm in the US, so my response may not pertain to your area. Handmade and decorated houses are beautiful, but you must target the upscale customer who doesn't care about prices. For the most part, people interested in these items are looking for the decoration not the taste and don't care how delicious it might be. Since the average shopper can now purchase a much cheaper factory made decorative gingerbread house, your sales potential can be severely limited. If...
CakeCentral has many detailed pricing threads. Use the search function at the top of the page. Good luck!
Nice cakes Make it Sweet by Mandy. I agree with @reginaherrin, especially with writing a business plan. Good luck! 
If you know another cake decorator who can finish the cake, call and ask them. Otherwise, as @costumeczar said, call your customer and tell her you are sick. 
I agree, it's not necessary to re-whip buttercream. 
Running a legitimate business encompasses (1) meeting health licensing requirements and (2) keeping records so that all taxes are paid. If your CFL does not require a license, then there's nothing you need to do on that end. But all businesses are required to keep records and pay appropriate taxes. 
 Speed and stamina.
Best thread EVER for sharing how real-world bakers simplify the job.
That site only repeats things we have already covered here on CC. Perhaps members can use the search bar at the top of the page for even more, detailed info.
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