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I nominate @costumeczar the Queen of CC, for giving us an answer to the siren call of custom cake: "No...No, I can't."
Your investigating everything is admirable! But I'm not clear on the distinction between a "home-based vendor arrangement" and a "home-based business." Whatever the differences are, you would still need to declare that income, file taxes, and as @pastrypet mentioned, get insurance. Best of luck.  
 If you want to set up a legal business, I strongly suggest you read this to understand the disclaimers (which can be a bit confusing). And then speak with an inspector from your county health department. Good luck!
 The newest stat I've seen: It's estimated that 90% of food businesses fail within the first three years.
 Isn't that the truth! (And what a genteel way of saying employees can be the worst offenders of product contamination.)   
Hi Miranda, welcome to CakeCentral. I don't use cake mixes, but I do use Ener-G, an egg replacer. It works well so you might want to try it.   And you probably don't know since you are new here, but we only ask a question once, in whichever forum we think is most appropriate. Most members scan all forums to view questions. I use this link when I log on.
Russian Cake is a classic bakery product sold throughout the US. It's formulated to use unsold excess cakes, pastries, and sweetbreads. To increase revenue, a bakery uses their own "recipe" that relies heavily on a changing variety of day-olds. Most bakeries press the mixture into sheet pans and sell Russian Cake by the slice. Your Cake Pops sound like a fun, interesintg variation!   
 Sweet_Toof, your cake looks very nice. Really, quite lovely! We tend to be extra picky with our own work, but I don't think anyone will notice anything wrong. Enjoy the celebration!
Running a business is hard work. But for me (and maybe @costumeczar, too), I find that writing about running a business is even harder. Thank you ladies, for your kind words. 
 Borrowed three from @shanter.  
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