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Yes, they'll be fine.
Fruitcakes in the US are quite different from yours, @cazza1. Sad, but our classic fruitcake is the kind that @MBalaska showed us, above. Many years ago I worked in the R&D lab as the baker/chef for a snack cake company. The sales department wanted to start producing fruitcakes and sent me samples they'd purchased so I could begin making prototypes. Ugh, the samples were all light fruitcakes that were not thoroughly baked. The insides were actually gooey-raw. And that is...
 I assume you are a pie person! Welcome to CC, pielicious! 
Hershey's finds it perfectly acceptable! They have numerous chocolate cakes made with cocoa and oil, such as Perfectly Chocolate Cake.
 No, it's the opposite. Read more here:  From the Foodnetwork Flour:Typically, there are three kinds of white flour in supermarkets: all-purpose, cake and bread flour. The main difference is the amount of protein in each flour. Bread flour has the most, cake flour has the least and all-purpose flour, as its name implies, falls in the middle. The more protein there is, the more gluten, or structure, can be developed in the baked good. (Gluten is good for bread, bad for...
You can use your social security number instead of an EIN, but with identity theft such a big issue, you are safer with an EIN.
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 Yes and Yes.  
You worry too much! Refrigerated dough keeps a couple of weeks (at least). Just make sure the dough is wrapped well. Remove from fridge a few minutes before rolling. Practice, practice, practice. You may learn to enjoy making cookies! 
 The custom cake business has changed over the past few years. You're right, it definitely is a constant battle and will continue this way, with new cakers entering the already over-saturated market. Sadly, they decide to charge below cost to "make a name" for themselves. When they go out of business ("hey, this isn't fun anymore") other new cakers come along to take their place. The good news, is that people always need celebration cakes. If your business does not meet...
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