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 Mother Nature has a fridge! Keep the cake in a box overnight, and either leave it on the balcony (if her room has one) or in her car. 
I'm impressed! Yes, use this form to show profit/loss for the year 2014. For all small businesses in the US that are sole proprietors, Schedule C and instructions. Check with your state to see if Ohio has any additional sales taxes.
All ovens are capable of baking multiple trays. Especially commercial ovens which are designed for producing quantity. I am amazed that you are only able to bake one tray at a time in a commercial oven. But as @leah_s has alluded to, there isn't always a simple universal answer since we all use different techniques, recipes, and ovens. I suggest that you contact Blodgett and request technical help. It's their job to help. They are experienced with their ovens and are...
The most annoying aspect of keeping records: some regulations are not easily understood and if an average taxpayer calls the IRS for clarification, employees have been known to give out differing interpretations. That's part of what pushed me into using an accountant.  
 For tax purposes, there are two ways to do this. (1) If a business keeps track of all mileage and deducts the delivery mileage as a business expense, the delivery charge is declared as income. However (2) if delivery fee is based on mileage only, at the allowable rate, and no mileage deduction is declared, the fee is considered a reimbursable expense and not considered income.  This either/or situation also applies to adjunct teachers who are expected to bring their own...
My best to you and your family. Have you spoken to your customer? She may surprise you with understanding and compassion. There are many people, including brides-to-be, who realize that unexpected circumstances create changes.   
@geomaxa has not posted since 2011. Good luck in your search.
 Why wait until February? National Chocolate Cake Day is Tuesday, January 27th.
 There should be no pricing difference between a wedding cake or any other celebration cake. Prices are dependent upon size of cake, your costs, and your time. Charging more because someone orders a wedding cake (as opposed to a birthday, shower, etc cake) could be considered gouging.  
There's no discernible difference in the final product. When I began using this recipe my production method included boiling water. But when I had extra batter it would go in the fridge to be baked off another day. The cakes came out the same. I soon realized that water temp was a moot point. 
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