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Well I don't know. Maybe PVC is food safe, maybe not. But I sure wouldn't use it when working with edibles and I don't recommend anyone trolling the aisles for products used in the construction trades. I was at Home Depot this morning and asked about this. Two contractors and a plumber thought it was a crazy/scary question, given that construction materials are not formulated to be food safe.      Vinyl chloride (CH2=CHCl), also known as chloroethylene, is most often...
I own a 7 qt Rival, and it mixes small batches with no problem. Good luck with whatever mixer you purchase. 
 I was thinking about the other parts of the pipe. The pipes are cut crosswise so we don't know what they contain. And the outside of the pipes are not manufactured to be used with food, so what are they coated with? I'm just wondering...  
She tried to bargain you down, @Claire138. That's happening a lot these days. Amateur cakers will say okay and are overjoyed that they got a sale. Unfortunately, this process has only succeeded in degrading the entire cake industry.  
Very interesting, @leah_s! It does look like PVC pipe. I googled and found a few blogs that talked about using PVC, as in the image below. My only question: Is it food safe? Especially since the pipes are cut and the contents exposed.      
Homeowners' insurance does not cover commercial liability. Ask your agent where to find a good policy, or look here Food Liability Insurance Program.
I nominate @costumeczar the Queen of CC, for giving us an answer to the siren call of custom cake: "No...No, I can't."
Your investigating everything is admirable! But I'm not clear on the distinction between a "home-based vendor arrangement" and a "home-based business." Whatever the differences are, you would still need to declare that income, file taxes, and as @pastrypet mentioned, get insurance. Best of luck.  
 If you want to set up a legal business, I strongly suggest you read this to understand the disclaimers (which can be a bit confusing). And then speak with an inspector from your county health department. Good luck!
 The newest stat I've seen: It's estimated that 90% of food businesses fail within the first three years.
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