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 (This parts for us, right?) Love your pithy responses, AZ! 
I've made a "Cinnamon Bun Cake" for years at my shop. (The base recipe for this "Cinnamon Roll Cake" is very similar to my recipe, a very thick batter.) Even with a thick batter, most of the cinnamon/butter filling used to seep down below the cake and didn't cut well for serving customers. I dropped back to half the amount of filling and the lesser amount swirled beautifully throughout the cake. My glaze was cream cheese based! And the batter was part whole wheat pastry...
 Hon, you are getting support. You just don't recognize it. Stick around CC and continue asking questions. Some members are sugary sweet with answers that may or may not help. Also be ready to hear responses you think sound "harsh" or "blunt" or "rude" but can hold the keys to your success.
To learn rental fees in your area, contact the local kitchens near you.
Hi Claire! You'll be spending more than an hour when you include planning, shopping, packing and driving, etc, to your destination. Multiply the number of hours times an hourly salary that you feel comfortable with. Round it up and that can be your base fee for a cupcake demo. You don't want Facebook pricing. I've learned that charging more increases the appeal.   From there you can decide if your friend gets a discount. I call it a courtesy discount so friends know they...
 People will continue taking advantage because you allow them to. Learn to say NO in the nicest way possible. @cakesbycathy has a great tag line: Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
This you? And this?
 I just read your cake post in another thread Sorry, but custom cakes are not allowed under the Home Processor Permit in New York. If you want to legally sell these cakes, you would need to work from a commercial kitchen with the Article 20-C license. HTH
 The Home Processing Permit in NY is handled by the Dept of Ag & Mkts and is good throughout all of New York. It's a rather quirky law and a bit hard to understand the specifics so start with the above link and if you need more help call your regional office listed on that page. I know a legal Home Processor who lives in Nassau County, so I'm not sure why kpny was told to use a commercial kitchen; but it's probably related to either the kinds of products s/he wants to...
Michelle, pricing is a huge topic here; you can learn a lot from previous threads.Type key words into the search bar and many threads will come up. I looked through pricing on your website. Some of your cakes are less than $1 per serving. (Nine inch square two-layer, buttercream, serves 32. Only $16???) Best of luck to you.  
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