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  But really dangerous, is surrounding those fruits with a brownie batter. As in this recipe.    
 Very important advice: Before the order is due, make sample cupcakes (using both vanilla and chocolate recipes) to see how they work. Bake more if necessary so the results are what you want. Hopefully, when you are ready to fill the order, there won't be any last minute surprises. Growing a business takes time and happy customers who will spread your name! Good luck!!  
@Pastrybaglady is absolutely right. Call your customer. Or look at the original order and make exactly what your customer requested.
Great idea @MBalaska. I like that you linked the thread started by @cazza1. I have a very different version. During the holidays I sold a lot of traditional fruitcakes; but for customers who claimed to hate all fruitcakes, I developed a chocolate one that contained only natural, dried fruits.   (I haven't made this for years. I took the original recipe and scaled it back to a manageable size for home baking.)   Chocolate Brandy Alexander Fruitcake   Yield: approx 4#...
And? Is it more delicious?
 With most recipes I would do this, too. But cornbread recipes typically have very little fat, so doubling the amount may not make much of a difference. 
The Wegmans in Boston sells them for $2.19 per pound. Call the store you would visit, and ask them how much they charge. Good luck!
Lead time should be set by the business owner and all customers advised about this. Having guidelines helps everyone. So if you need two weeks or two months, make the decision and stick with it. (Your stress level and the need to vent on CC can be greatly reduced!)   
 I don't quite understand your question about lead time. Do you want to know how far in advance a customer needs to order? Leah answered your price question. "$864+delivery (probably $50)"
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