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 It's harder to do one's own work, than it is to ask others what to charge. Sadly, the people who ask "how much?" will blindly follow the cheap prices, than figure out if they are actually losing money.
 @Jedi Knight, this is more of a "How much to charge?" thread. It's easier (although a bit sneaky) to ask on cake central, than it is on Google.   
 Then OP can contact any equipment company that sells these ovens.
Contact the company and ask for someone in sales; also talk with their technical help.   And contact equipment companies that sell this oven.
FLIP - Food Liability Insurance Program
 Thank you so much for the link, it will be very helpful! When I began baking, a standard suggestion was to fill pans 1/2 to 2/3 full. Starting at 1/2 full is a good rule, but every recipe is different, so if you're familiar with a recipe it's possible to use more batter for a taller cake. Conversely, if you prefer thinner layers (as with some rainbow cakes) use less batter. But watch oven time since those cakes may bake much faster.
Yes @BakerBlackCat, thanks for posting your photos and info. The little cakes are cute! 
 Go to the krusteaz website. There are recipes and tips. If you need more help, call or write their customer service.
Ah, thanks for clarifying! So if someone wants to find the amount of batter needed, fill pan with water and use half that amount of cake batter. For instance, if a pan will hold 8 cups of water, use 5 cups of batter.
  This is a somewhat confusing issue. Many companies use the term "edible" when their product is really classified as "non-toxic" and should be removed before eating. DustAn extra fine glitter with lots of sparkle Developed for the cake decorating and craft industry Disco Dusts contain only ingredients that are NON-TOXIC. These dusts are not a food product and should not be considered as such. Another site states:Fancy Flours...
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