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Packaged products sourced from approved facilities are allowed in my state, but only if sold in the original package.    
I hope you stop going to flea markets. Immediately. Those are not your customers. Neither are your friends. (They can still be friends, just don't give them free products.) If your permit/license allows for wholesale, I suggest you approach stores and eateries that sell to your target market. @Pastrybaglady has some excellent advice about searching threads for more ideas.
Disney promotes their products for home use. The issue of copyright infringement is related to business (and "hobby/business") use. 
 In the U.S. most bakeries simply soak fruitcakes in additional liquor. No ganache, no buttercream, no marzipan.
 If you enjoy chocolate brownies, you may like this recipe. Brandy Alexander Fruitcake is a rich chocolate confection with dried fruits (no candied fruits) and lots of nuts. It was always promoted in my bakery as, "The fruitcake for people who don't like fruitcake."
Brandy Alexander fruitcakes, smallest size. These look suspiciously like brownies     
If possible, try tracking down the person who made them. It sounds close to the Dutch Jan Hagel cookie. (I found this on Google and haven't tried it; there are many similar recipes online.)  
 Why is it tacky for customers to know you use box mixes? If your customers like what you offer, they won't care if it's scratch or mix. If you want to reach a target market that prefers scratch baking, then look around for scratch recipes. Good luck in your business!
 If you continue to offer customers gluten free products, I hope you research and implement the necessary changes to your kitchen production. Good luck!
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