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 That's what I was thinking, too. Or overbaked. A few minutes can make a big difference. OR - think back - is there a chance you forgot to add the oil? No oil would cause paper liners to stick.
Evoir, I'm sorry to hear you're not well. Dayti is right, it's not the same for everyone. The amount of damage and the length of recuperation depends upon several factors, such as one's body and how much damage has been done to the median nerve. Laprascopic surgery is sometimes successful and sometimes not. That blog is only a reflection of one person's experience and we don't know about her follow-up.   My own story took years to get through. I had a total of five hand...
Purchase a sour cream that is very thick and use only 1/2 cup. The consistency should work okay. Looks like a very interesting recipe! Good luck.
Whoa, back the wedding cake up. The argument for siding with the OP is that substandard cakes are okay to sell. Are we here to encourage unqualified people to start a business selling cheap inferior products?    Unfortunately, this philosophy downgrades the entire home-based baking industry. It's far better that we hold high standards (in both business and product quality) that shows the public we are an industry to be trusted. 
 Freezing is best to maintain freshness.
People often shorten a name, so keep it simple. Bake It Up Sweet or even Sweet Bake. Good luck in your new business. 
 I agree with K8, shelf life is most important. When I started my business, I supplied coffee shops, book stores, delis, and restaurants. Delivery was twice per week - all products had a shelf life of several days (cookies, brownies, strudel, slices of coffee cake and pound cake, etc.) And I never took returns. Print a product list with wholesale prices, and drop it off with a nice looking box of samples.
My opinion: I hope you rethink this endeavor. It will not be easy to transport 200 mini-cupcakes without a car. A cooler on wheels is useful but you must have something to put the cupcakes in or on. Trays might work but they must be enclosed so the trays can be stacked.    My other opinion: Many business owners have learned that donating to events will reap almost no business. If the marathon is a charity you support, then great. But if you are only doing this in hopes...
I'm a bit confused. Can you please explain the context of the Walmart sign. That is, can you explain the circumstances for needing a sign that says Walmart. 
have you looked online for the service manual?
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