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Many bakers interchange bleached and unbleached flour. I never find much (if any) difference in the final product.
Don't worry! Broken cake happens more than we realize. People only care that their plate has a piece of cake, not how neat the slice appears to be.
$2 per slice is far too low. I suggest you search the numerous threads on this site for help with learning to price cakes. Then look at what area bakeries charge. How much does a cake like this cost at the bakery where you work?
 Killjoy. (Pun...)
Just a word of caution: It is very difficult to keep a kitchen and products free of pet fur. Even though our permits allow animals (I live in NY), customers can be quite unforgiving if they find evidence of pets. I've heard enough stories to know these unhappy customers will probably not tell you, but will revel in telling friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, Facebook, etc, about their unpleasant experience. 
Price list, no. I can't imagine any lawyer knowing how to price products. But a cake contract, yes. And certainly a lease, if you're going to rent a storefront. 
Catering supply stores usually sell boxes and circles. Cheapest places are bakery supply or paper supply stores that sell by the bundle.
 I agree, it's far simpler to make the recipe and have a little left. And you would then have a small amount of batter for experimenting.
 I only say this because you asked: Yep, TOTALLY MISSING the copyright issue.
Cute idea! (You may want to supply forks.)  
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