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buy/use highlighter, mixed with a bit of vodka, the colour is rich and work much better than luster dust.if you have an airbrush use the americolor metallic sheens, they work wonders!
Buy the red but make the black. I oddly don't have issues with black, in small amounts that is. LOL. I use Duff's black or Americolor black and it works wonders. But, if you're not sure buy both. Good luck!
same with me! Your blues were complimentary to everything, your cake pops were spot on and so round and your cuppies look awesome!
Marzipan isn't a frosting, it's a paste. An almond paste to be specific. Some people cover cakes with it but it's much more expensive than fondant. It's made with ground up almonds and sugar, you can buy it store bought but it comes in small amounts. I use it for figurines like gumpaste animals but they take longer to harden. If you wanted to make an frosting, I would make an almond frosting, you can add a bit of marzipan to a buttercream to get a similar flavour. But...
I absolutely love Americolor, I first began with Wilton and had alot of trouble getting the dark rich colours. I bought an airbrush with americolor 4.5oz colours and they are amazing. I use them in my fondant, alot. A little goes a long way and with 4.5 oz .. yay Also I've used the liquid colour in my buttercream and it does not thin it down, which is amazing considering you are adding liquid to it!I also have to give my thumbs up to the new "Duff" gel colours! They are...
i bought my mold at DTC ( they have different kinds of bottles! have a look
i use culinary stencils, you have to be patient and layer the royal icing over it nice and even so that the stencil comes out clean. If it gets a bit messy just take a toothpic and clean the edges. You could airbrush it, giving it even color.i got mine from www.designerstencils.comhope this helps! good luck. happy caking
you could do one of the barbie cakes (standing) but instead of the princess dress make a black cocktail dress or gown, dress it up with piping on the barbie as the top and add luster dust with some vodka to make it shimmer in silver on the edges or what not ( i have the picture in my head but it's harder to describe it! ) hope this helps!
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