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Hello! I am going to make my first attempt with fondant for my sons 2nd birthday party. I plan to do white BC with fontant accents and figurines. I'm just wondering, how many days in advance can I make the figurines? I want to do a Sesame Street cake so any tips or ideas are also welcome Thanks!Bonnster
thank you!
Tammy, Thank you SO much for that hint! I really appreciate it
Thank you for your insight Leah. I'm thinking I posted my question to the wrong forum though I'm not licensed or anything....I'm just kind of starting out with the idea. I wanted to get my feet wet to see if this is really something I want to do, I've always loved making and decorating cakes. Anyway, if this goes well I will look into what it takes to be a licensed professional, but I wouldn't know where to start. I will come back to this forum when the time comes. In...
I worked in a grocery store bakery years ago and learned a little more than a tad about decorating cakes. I recently did an adorable cake for a friends baby shower for free (which by the way, I will never do again) and everyone loved it! Just by posting a picture of it on my Twitter page one of my friends friend has asked me to do her wedding cakes, yes plural...Anyway, I'm going to meet with her in the next few weeks for a tasting and to talk details. I have two...
you did a fabulous job!!
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