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Thanks for telling me about the Cake Masters.  I signed up for the 2 free classes.  Looking forward to see what else they are going to offer.
Hi.  I see Cake Central is advertising Cake Style TV Topsy Turvy Party Cake 50% off on line cake decorating classes.  I guess this is something new.  Does anyone have any input on these classes as well?  Thanks.
Thanks.  Her reviews are helpful.
Cute cake
Hi.  I have a small kitchen with very limited space.  I need a stainless steel work table that I can roll my fondant out on.  I also need to be able to fold it up and put away.  So far the only one I found is  It was too small.  My kitchen table is bigger than that.  Does anyone know if there is a stainless steel foldable table out there?  Thanks. 
Can anyone tell me what brand and style punches you like?  Thanks.
Where can I find Kara's reviews on her blog? Thanks.
Thanks everyone for your replies.  Thanks sfandm for your detailed review of Jessica Harris' craftsy video and the $20 deal info.  I will be purchasing this one.
Hi.  What is the name of the sand toys you found for cookie cutters?  Can they be used to cake pops as well?  Thanks.
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