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Can anyone tell me what brand and style punches you like?  Thanks.
Where can I find Kara's reviews on her blog? Thanks.
Thanks everyone for your replies.  Thanks sfandm for your detailed review of Jessica Harris' craftsy video and the $20 deal info.  I will be purchasing this one.
Hi.  What is the name of the sand toys you found for cookie cutters?  Can they be used to cake pops as well?  Thanks.
Thanks.  I ordered mine a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to watch it.  Hopefully I can watch it soon.  I know it will be good because I took a class with Mike over a year ago and he was great!  
Thanks for the spreadsheet. 
Hi.  I loved Elisa Struass' designer handbag Craftsy class.  Which Craftsy classes have you taken and would recommend?  Any compliants with any of these classes?  Thanks. 
Hi gmfcakes.  Did Susan Carberry teach the class at the Cake Cottage?  How was the class?  Susan is teaching a few classes in my area next weekend.  Would you recommend her classes?  Thanks. 
  Hi.  k8memphis your piss poor quote is hysterical.  LOL.  Where can I purchase the LV textured rolling pin since Amazon doesn't have it right now?  Thanks. 
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