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Hi.  I read the older posts about airbrushes.  Anyone buy one recently?  Any recommendations.  I am thinking about the Kopykake.  Thanks.
Hi.  Where can I find a rolling pin that has a texture that I can use for a car cake?  I want to use it to make a grill on the car.  Thank you.
That is so cute.  Did you make the cutter with a kit?  Thanks.
Hi. Where can I find the McCall's chocolate cake recipe? Thanks.
yortma, I recently tried Toba Garrett's yellow cake recipe.  It is delicious.  However, it is a little dry.  I am wondering if I add more milk will this help?  Thanks.
Thanks for telling me about the Cake Masters.  I signed up for the 2 free classes.  Looking forward to see what else they are going to offer.
Hi.  I see Cake Central is advertising Cake Style TV Topsy Turvy Party Cake 50% off on line cake decorating classes.  I guess this is something new.  Does anyone have any input on these classes as well?  Thanks.
Thanks.  Her reviews are helpful.
Cute cake
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