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About the Mat - Does it make pop marks (craters) on your fondant?  Does it get sticky/greasy?  Thanks.
Hi. Just went to Michael's on my lunch hour and saw some of his stuff. Duff better watch out. LOL
Hi.  Has anyone tried this recipe since it was posted?  Thanks.
I love all the videos I watched on there. 
I am making the chocolate covered Oreos in the Spinning Leaf molds. I am putting a designer label purse logo on top. I am bringing them to a party this weekend. I am sure people are going to want to order these for future parties. I am a hobbyist with a full time job. What is everyone charging for these? Thanks for your help.
Hi candynumber1.  Your Coach logo's are perfect.  What did you use to make the Coach stencil - cardstock, acetate or something else?  Any hints for cutting or painting the stencil?  Did the stencil stay on the cake without sliding around?  Any help with this is appreciated.  First time making a stencil and logo on purse.  Thanks. 
I made Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cookies with fondant.  They were very easy to do.  I just did the top half black, the bottom half red, added white dots and the bow for Minnie.  Don't know if this is an option for you or if she only wants the royal icing.
This one is in the US.  Great reviews on these 8 and 10 inch bench scrapers.
Also try Rose Levy's White Velvet Butter Cake.  It is excellent!  It is very similar to the Cooks Illustrated one that you had problems with.  I think the only changes are in the flour and sugar measurements and maybe the eggs.  Also when baking a recipe in different size pans you sometimes need to adjust the baking powder levels.  In the back of Rose's book she give you the recipe measurements for different size pans with this recipe and a few others. 
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