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Love the cake and thanks for the instructions.
Thanks. The eyeballs look great.
Nielove, I am in the NYC area too.  That cake is so pretty.  You should charge at least $100.
jenmat.  How big is your IKEA butcherblock?  Is it wood?  Thanks.
When rolling on the counter do any of you cut the fondant on the counter as well?  Do you scratch it up?  Thanks.
They look good.  How do they taste?  Thanks.
How did you paint the cake for the woodgrain effect?  It looks great.  thanks.
Can we purchase the Dinky Doodle airbrush in the US?  Thanks.
I think rolling the fondant on The Mat is what caused the craters.  I have seen other posts where people have said the same thing happened to them.  I have also seen pictures of the fondant on cakes with the little craters.
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