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I like Merkens candy melts.  I don't know how much chocolate you would need for 500 pops.  But it is too early too order the candy melts.  Wait a little longer.  The candy melts have a 6 month shelf life.  After that it gets very thick when you melt them and they will fall off the sticks. 
How does the white chocolate ganache taste?  Is it really sweet?  Thank you.
Let us know how you like the Master Airbrush please.  Thanks.
Hello sdoc12.   I don't think you looked long enough on the ICE Website.   I just checked the ICE Recreational Website.  They have a Techniques of Cake Baking 1 & 2 starting on 1/6/14 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  You can just take 1 of the courses if you don't have the time to take both.  There is also another class Two Day Cake Baking that starts 1/4/14 at 10:00 AM.  You can also check out the Sur La Table website.  They have locations in NJ and NY.  There prices are cheaper...
This site is getting funnier and funnier.
Gorgeous shoe.
ICE Recreational Classes in NYC.
Thanks for the response. Looking forward to tutorial.
Hi.  How was the fondant applied to this cake to look like a wrapped present?  I have seen cakes where the sides look like a wrapped present but not the top.  I would like to try to make this one.  Thanks for your help.        
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