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Hi.  I am very interested in purchasing the red Kopykake Airmaster Air Brush.  I don't see the moisture trap included with purchase anywhere.  Seems like you have to buy it separately.  For those of you that have this machine did you buy the moisture trap?  Is it necessary?  Thanks.  
How did the Cake Boss Divine white cake mix taste?  Would you buy again?  Thanks.
leydavak your cookies are beautiful.
I don't have a Cricut.  But Wayne from Swank Cake Design has a video tutorial on Sharon Zambito's on-line school.  The video was very good.
Thanks for the update.  Looking forward to seeing what classes they are having, etc.
Darla I didn't go to the last one.   liz at sugar, MBalaska and nancyg - You should join us.  There is a waiting list to put your name on.  Go to  There have been cancellations as Mike and Karen contacted me last weekend about an available ticket.  I had already purchased my ticket from someone else who couldn't go.  So Mike and Karen were going to contact the next person on the list.    andpotts - glad you are going.   We are...
Hi Darla and thecookiefairy. I am going to Cookie Con. Can't wait. I am from NY and am a hobby baker. It would be nice to meet you girls there to say hello.
As of today The Garden State Cake Show Facebook page says please be patient we are trying the secure the location for the 2014 show. 
I can't find any info either. I know that there isn't a CT this year so I am wondering if NJ isn't having one this year.
MimiFix your cookies look delicious. 
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