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Hi.  I am just a hobby cake decorator - friends and family.  I am thinking about purchasing an airbrush.  I don't want to spend a lot of money.  I saw a Master Air Brush for $59.96 on for 59.96 which includes shipping.  Does anyone have experience with the Master Air Brush system?  Would you recommend it?  Thanks.
I am so disappointed that I can't purchase the dobord.  I was really excited about it.
Hi.  I love the way this bow tie cookie is tapered on the top and bottom to look like a real bow tie.  Does anyone know if this is an actual cookie cutter or was it hand cut?  Thanks. 
Keep us posted if you make it please.  Thanks.
Would these rolling pin rings pictured above fit on my 18 inch aluminum rolling pin?  Thanks.
Hi shanter, Have you ever ordered anything from  Thanks. I am thinking about ordering this from them.  Kathy
Hi.  I would like to make this handbag.  Is there a tutorial out there?  I tried looking but haven't found anything.  Thanks.
Thanks for replying. They look beautiful. Did you tint your cupcake batter to get that pretty gold color? I am going to make these. Kathy
squeaky121603, I saw that cookie and want to purchase a cutter. If you find anything out from the blog let us know. Thanks. Kathy
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