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Love it.  Best one I have even seen.  Next time you make one can you please take a picture of the bouquet stand before you put the cupcakes on?  Thanks.
Just starting with glaze - Toba Garrett's recipe.  I still find it too thick with 6 Tbsp milk and corn syrup.  I add more milk.  Should I be adding more corn syrup as well?  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
This experiment was great. I am going to try glace again. Has anyone tried meringue powder buttercream?
Watching this thread.
Hi.  I need to make a Monsters University Cake.  What shade of green fondant is best please?  Thanks.
Hi.  I am very interested in purchasing the red Kopykake Airmaster Air Brush.  I don't see the moisture trap included with purchase anywhere.  Seems like you have to buy it separately.  For those of you that have this machine did you buy the moisture trap?  Is it necessary?  Thanks.  
How did the Cake Boss Divine white cake mix taste?  Would you buy again?  Thanks.
leydavak your cookies are beautiful.
I don't have a Cricut.  But Wayne from Swank Cake Design has a video tutorial on Sharon Zambito's on-line school.  The video was very good.
Thanks for the update.  Looking forward to seeing what classes they are having, etc.
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