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Thank you.
Bump.  Just want to know if she has a Facebook page and if she is still teaching classes.  Thanks.
Looks delicious.  Thanks for posting.
If you do what brand do you have and where did you purchase please?  About how long does it take for icing to set to start more detailed work?  Thank you.
You might want to change the amounts of baking powder and baking soda to 1 tsp each.  Some people also use sour cream instead of milk.  I liked it better with the sour cream.
Arthur Schwartz's Black and White Cookie Recipe is the best.  I tried several others.  Scroll down on the link for full recipe.
I made the No Fail Recipe a few times without the baking powder and they were hard.  When I add the 1 tsp of baking powder they are softer and don't really spread at all.  Everyone likes them with the baking powder in my house.  Let us know how yours turns out.
I made the Hershey's cake with scp1127's modification of sour cream and levener.  It was delicious.  I liked it better than when I made it with milk.
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