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I am using a cool whipped frosting as the inside and outside of a cake. Can i put the frosting on then put it in the fridge and it or wait till last minute? Im afraid of the frosting drying out. I had some in a bowl and the top sides were getting kinda stuck to the bowl. Will it be ok on the cake if i put it on now for sat?
Your welcome! Good luck!! 
If you want them fully hardened, use gumpaste! It will harden! The fondant will keep it somewhat soft.
Maybe print out the size you want the cake to be, lay it flat onto a sheet cake and carve it out??
I am in the search for a good whipped frosting! can i even find one that i can viva paper towel it so it is smooth? 
Someone wants a hulk Lego cake with the Legos coming out of the corner of the cake, would you use chocolate Lego pieces, I have a mold for that. Or how could I do that easy? Thanks for your input:)
Sounds good!!
Just wondering where I can buy good quality cake boards that are reasonably priced... Also cake boxes and cupcake boxes... Do you cover you cake board; if so with what? Thanks for you input!
Awesome thank you cupcake girl. I will try that out as my new cake base
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