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I am making a 101 dalmation cake for Sunday, I was going to make a two tier with spots on it and a red collar on the bottom of the tiers and put toy dalmations on it. I ordered the puppies from eBay and didnt realize they were used. When I got them they have yellow bellys. I don't want to put them on the cake but its to late to order something else. What else can I do to make it look cute for a 3 yr old girl. Please help!
Ok, thanks, also, what kind of fondant does everyone use.. I don't want to spend loads of money on fondant if I can make it for cheaper. I have used mmf but I feel it's not good anymore. Any recipes?
I kinda ment, when trying to make a animal or person figure, the fondant don't look smooth. It has the marks from kneading it.
I do cake decorating but I'm not that good. I have trouble getting my fondant or gumpaste to look smooth when the product is finished. I see all these cakes on here and they don't have any lines in them at all. How do I make it so my fondant I smooth without looking like there is a big line in the middle?
I have a 5 lb box of vanilla cake mix. I need chocolate. Is there anyway I can turn that vanilla into a good chocolate one?[/b]
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