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Does my one know where I can find holiday decorative paper liners like the one in the picture (underneath the cookies). I've searched a bunch of different terms, parchment, glassine, food safe etc..but I can't seem to find the right product.
Thank you those look awesome! I ended up baking the cookies, and applied the fondant while still warm. After they cooled for several hours, I placed them in a treat bag, and layered between bubble wrap. In a strong box. They made it through the 6 hour flight perfectly, not one damaged. I later decorated them right before the party. They were a hit!
thank you...I think i will use fondant then, and take your advice on laying when hot. :)
I'm planning on making some lightly decorated sugar cookies. I'm in a bind and need to be finished with them by Thursday for travel on Friday. I'm wondering how it would work to decorate them with Candy Melts versus RI or buttercream. I have dipped cookies before in melted chocolate but found that it melted in your hands, and don't really like the taste of RI. Since I'm hand carrying them and traveling by plane I'm wondering if Candy Melts might be a better and sturdier...
]It looks like the top layer slid off on the chocolate cake. Possible due to sudden breaking. If the car was too warm, it's possible that with a fruit filling this might happen. As for the white cake, it seems it was bumped. I have had icing slide off a cake, and it did not look like the cake crumbled. Basically the cake was intact underneath. IMHO I think these cakes may have slid around on the floor board, and not necessarily anything you did wrong. I personally do...
I talked someone out of this on my last cake. I did use fondant and pressed a weave type placemat over top for the pattern. There is another option which is burlap ribbon. I saw it at Michael's Kinda expensive. It was wrapped in plastic so I could not check if it had a smell to it, but I think it would be better than real burlap.
You only need to use one half of the pan for the belly. For just 15 people, i don't think you need to place a sheet cake underneath.
I'm originally from MDC. In 2011 the cottage food law was passed. There are some local cake shops that offer seminars (not free) on the law. It might be something to look into. It passed, soon after moved :(  However, that did not stop people from baking from home. Previous to to the CFL you had to have a separate kitchen, not part of the main home, separate AC work etc.  The law is a state law, that does not necessarily mean every county allows it. check this...
aye muchas recetas para el sirope. Algunos tienen liquor otros son simple sirope de agua y azucar.
Hola, el leido varias recetas Latina de ponque. Casi toads dicen que el bizcocho se debe mojar con syrope. El pound cake Norte Americano es casi igual per no require el syrope. Si no se le pone el syrope , que effector tiene? Se puede eliminar?
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