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Hi caker friends! Doing a second twilight cake for a friend..last time I did a book, flower, checkerboard..the basics. I really don't want to repeat it! I think she's team Jacob and also likes other nerdy things like h potter and lord of the rings? But trying to stick to an original twilight theme if possible. Cake only needs to feed 8! Help!
I should have clarified: they did a tasting with imbc as a filling which I always use. They just switched from fondant to bc and so they still has it as a filling but we never discussed what the outside of the cake would be iced in. I agree integrity is is incredibly important. Thank u so much for the help, it's just in time, I'm about to ice!
Was talked into icing wedding cake for this weekend in IMBC... Problem is I only work with fondant. Should I just ice in my crusting buttercream dream? Will it be ok in the summer dry San Diego heat (inside in ac)? but using imbc if it starts refridgerated and then sits out in ac for 5 or so hours what happens to the consistency? I've made it a million times before and I know when it goes cold to room temp it separates...
I adjust the Mermaid vanilla butter cake recipe with pistachio extract and pistachios almost pulverized to a powder (left some chunks for texture). I'm lucky, our boutique supermarket here carries the extract but if u cant find it and need to order it it's Golden Gate Imports:
bummer! the rest depot in San Diego carries it...maybe they could order it for u?
ughh sorry everyone who uses American bc, (I do to!!) but all I meant was we San Diegans are pretentious trendsters and like to put down anything that we think is overly sweet and not made from scratch!!sorry!! I was quoting yelp reviews! honestly!
In San Diego the popular cupcake places are all scratch and people can tell. there's a cc place that has become popular but has awful reviews on yelp, saying the buttercream is American crap, nothing tastes that great, etc. Why they became so popular I don't know but you know which ones will last here.
in So Cal it's $20-25/hour. Cheaper on off hours (6pm to 6am) and weekends, but need to have a minimum per week for that price. Think the lowest it goes down to is $15/hour if you're in there a lot and it's off hours.
I always have a minimum. My cakes start at $125 but my carved all start at $200. I make exceptions if it's a simple one.
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