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My daughter is having a big Water Wars themed  birthday and I'm drawing a blank. Can someone please help me with some ideas or get me going in the right direction.... I was thinking water splats or something with water balloons but I just can't get an idea in my head and I don't know where to go with this theme. Please Help!
I'm making one of these doll cakes for my daughters bday this weekend. I have the wonder doll cake pan set. But my question is with the doll. DO I just insert the doll into the cake? OR do I need to remove the legs etc first?..... Any help or suggestions for this cake would very much appreciated. TIA
So I'm making my first fondant figure who will stand on top of the cake. So I've got some questions, first how many days in advance should I make it? Do I need to put dowels, sticks or something to help it stand up? Do/can I use just fondant? I"m making a darth vader so I was planning to buy the already colored stuff. I've see in previous post that people use gumtex in their fondant. I'm new to fondant, so I don't even know what that is, lol. Is it somthing I should use......
Does anyone have or know if there is a tutoria for gumpaste lego star wars figures?
I"m looking for a Marshmallow (or fluff) icing that I can use that will hold up to making simple flowers, as well as icing a cake. Can anyone help with suggestions or recipes?
Does anyone know if there is a tutuorial for those "wax candle" looking cakes? I'm wanting to try some for upcoming holiday cakes and I'm sure I could wing it, but all the cakes I've seen are beautiful and I'd like to acheive the same "real" look
Did you just use a truffle filling recipe and substitue the peppermint baking chips for the chocolate?
Thanks for the ideas, I think I'll probably experiment with all of it this weekend, lol
I'm doing a cake for a friend who requested flavors of chocolate and peppermint (like a candy cane). She doesn't care if its flavored cake or filling etc... I was thinking doing a chocolate cake with some sort of candy cane filling but I'm drawing a blank. Anyone have any suggestions?
Just wanted to say thank you for the suggestion. I made it and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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