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  I just got the topper. I am not sure how to make the bridge, it didn't come with one. 
My brother is getting married in October and has asked me to make his wedding cake.  The only thing requested design wise is that I use a wedding topper that sits on a bridge between 2 cakes.  Has anyone ever done a cake like this? Any pics/links would be great as I cant seem to find any.
I have used almond bark without a problem, but I just melt mine in the microwave.
I am supposed to be making a 3-d-dog cake for a friend, and when I went to get my directions I couldn't find them. Does anyone have the directions that use the wondermold pan?
I got a call from a friend today(tues) asking if I can do a cake for thurs. she wants a pig on it like it is flying above a lake. If I make one out of mmf will it be hard enough to put on a dowel and stick into the cake by thurs? Is there a way to make mmf dry harder?
I made one several years ago that might work for you. I made the cake look like a field with some tufts of grass scattered around, and put a couple jumps and a plastic toy horse. Sorry I don't have a picture.
What about going with the camping theme? You could do a tent, peope in sleeping bags, a campfire, a stream with fishing...anything you might find at a campground.
The party is for a female firefighter, and being held at the firestation. I would like to tie in the firefighter theme in some way.
I have been asked to make a shower cake for a shower at the firestation. It is supposed to not be super girly. I was thinking maybe a baby dalmation, but I'm open to any other suggestions too. I tried to search in the galleries, but nothing is coming up for me at all. Thanks for your help.
Some of the dunkin hines cake mixes have no milk products in them. I know the dark choc. fudge and yellow are ok. I add pudding mix and an extra egg to the mix for my nephew who is allergic to milk. I also make my buttercream with water instead of milk and it turns out fine.
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