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Ah, I see! Thank you! :) It's now on my wishlist
Oh dear, looking back on my earliest cakes, I just want to stuff my head in a bucket of buttercream and cry. I won't be a chicken though. Here's my attempt at a topsy turvy cake about 5 years ago... My lame excuse? I was 13 and had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to eat the fondant.
I've heard about 'The Mat' for fondant but it's £37.99! (    As a 17 year old, I just don't get enough business (or money!) to justify buying it. I found a cheaper version by Wilton, just £7.38  ( and would like some...
Totally sympathise! I've had this problem more times than I can count! Going to try doing it with a chocolate pound cake recipe next, as I usually use a sponge recipe which is just too delicate for the ball pan. One thing I've read in my quest for a perfect ball cake is the pan of water idea - put a pan of water at the bottom of the oven. It should lower the oven temperature and allow the core to bake through better.  Hope that helps!
I decided to make some cake balls for a social tomorrow morning. I used a red velvet cake but accidentally added too much cream cheese frosting and now they're mushy. They don't have the cake consistency at all. Please help, how do I rectify this?
I use Dr Oetker Ready to Roll icing (I live in the UK) and I usually roll it out on a lightly dusted surface of icing sugar (I tried using shortening but it made it too greasy.). I coat my cakes in a layer of buttercream and usually transfer the fondant by hand.
Whenever I cover my cakes in fondant it ALWAYS tears in places when I put it on the cake. It's so frustrating! Also, cutting the excess fondant at the bottom always looks jagged and I mark the covered cake board. I get a gap between the bottom of the fondant and the cake board too Please, desperate for help as I'm soon to attempt covering a car cake and I get a cold sweat when I think about it. Thanks in advance
Thank you! still have the problem with my fondant tearing and cracking though
I did this for my nan's 80th birthday. My auntie provided a square fruit cake and I sliced a bit off two opposite sides to make it more rectangular. I then marked the middle and carved in an upwards slope from the middle to the side, making it page shaped. I covered the cake in fondant and used a ruler to make indents in the fondant. To make it a bit more authentic, I added in an 'extra' page on top so I could curl the edges slightly. I found that it just looked like a...
I've been asked to make 3-D car cakes of a Vauxhall Astra and an Audi A4. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to carve and cover car cakes? It's my first time doing a car! It will be covered in fondant and I'm terrified that it will rip and crack, any tips on how to prevent this? Thank you in advance!
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