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Makes total sense! Thanks!!
Hey all,Anyone know where to find this scull/bones cutter? looked at a local shop and they only have a tiny cookie cutter.. Not what I was looking for. I want this or something similar. Thanks!!
Hey all!Thanks again for all your help before.I made myself a large angled triangle thing like someone had posted.It worked great!.. well with the square cake that is.I struggled A LOT with the round cake.. what was I doing wrong? I tried holding like I did with square cake.. no way it was working for me. I made from very flexible cardboard(a cake box) so that was not the issue. I just could not get it to work like it did on the square. ended up free handing it.. and ended...
I'm going to pm you if it's okay
OK frustrated to say the least. I just can't get my ruffles to STAND up like yours. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Totally bummed Just spent the last hour and a half trying to do it. I think I need to have my boss show me They just don't stand up at all on the SIDE of the cake..
Oh and HEY, Corina is an online friend of mine(your photographer ) I actually saw the pic like a couple week or so ago when she posted it.. really is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again.
Thanks so much, I think it makes sense *lol* I am very visual so will need to try and play to see if I understand. Totally storming here today.. so def not running to store to get stuff to make fondant.. need to see if I have enough to play with a small 4" cake.thanks again!
Mili,THANKS so much for this tutorial, Just one question though..I'm a little confused, do you not thin out edge or anything to make the actual ruffle? You say you just use your fingers to 'shape' the ruffle AFTER gluing to cake, right? I'm just not really getting how to actually make the ruffle with my fingers. Any help appreciated
Thanks!! OK so I just read the entire post.. but still a little confused, She does not then out edge or anything to make the actual ruffle? She just uses finger to 'shape' the ruffle AFTER gluing to cake? I'm just not really getting how to actually make the ruffle with my fingers. I will post question for her as well, but if you know you can answer
Hey all,SO I had my boss show me how she does up ruffles like this, (AND THIS IS NOT MY BOSS lol.. but my boss does this as well)I was wondering how YOU do this?She had showed me how she cuts strips.. then runs a the small rolling pin over the edge. BUT when I tried it.. just did not turn out right. My co worker came over that day when I did it.. and she even said to me that it was OK what I did because it was difficult to do. She...
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