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No, an 18" one layer serves only 63.5 (double layer serves 127) and it will look horribly short and squatty.  An 18" is so huge it looks best 6" tall (254 servings).  I'd go with sheet cakes.
A top tier doesn't need to be doweled, but you could skewer it to the 9" if you like.
50% of 1 cup is 1/2 a cup -- measure a 1/2 cup.
I believe it doesn't matter that Earlene thinks the Wilton chart is wrong.  If you do the math, the numbers don't lie, Wilton is nearly spot on for industry standard 8 cu. in.'s a helpful cakulator (see for yourself; actual volume numbers, not guestimates):
16" square x 14" x10"x6" rounds = 256
[quote name="musicmommy1"r. I used 6 bubble straws as dowels in both layers of the double barrel Where is the board between?
Perma-ice is artificial icing, or you can use synthetic spackle.
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