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I'm not criticizing what you do.  You are misleading OP by giving your OPINION about what they should do and making it sound like it's "a must" when there are alternative choices other than your way.  It appears OP is very inexperienced and may take all advice literally as the law rather than a suggestion.  Future viewers should be aware it's just an opinion.
Here's how to stack (you didn't mention dowel rods): @ your other question... you may not receive any replies.  People don't tend to take time to answer questions for no reason.  Good luck.
Looks good.  I would have cut the internal supports shorter eliminating the gap between cake and plate for more of a "suction" rather than balancing act, and would have used a base board rather than plate.  (Also would have used matching crystal-look plates instead of white.)
Industry standard servings for all occasions: If they want larger servings, they can order more cake.
Gross... it's lard -- great for pie crusts, but not buttercream.
Red is a primary color -- you can't make it.
No need to wait; bake, cool 10-30 minutes, remove from pan, wrap, freeze.
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