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I'll add... see my list on post #7:   A 4" round serves 6.28 industry standard portions (1x2x4" -- 8 cu. in.).  If you are making it 8" tall, it would serve double if you use a board in between to cut as 2 separate 4" high cakes.
Styrofoam half sphere dummy for bottom half.
About 3.59 lbs. plus 6-7 lbs. for icing depending on decorations.
14" square x 10"r x 6"r = 148
Dowel all tiers that have something above to be supported.  (Not needed for top tiers, nor inside dummies.)
Dollar tree!  Red plastic bottom half, clear top, a snap on each of 4 sides with a handle on top, indents in base to hold 9... they're more than great for only $1.00 and reusable (rather than Hefty foil containers).
It's enough, yet perhaps one more would be better.
More info about full sheets (I wrote this in another thread):   A commercial Bun pan is 18" x 26" (outside measurement), and because they are tapered for nesting or making them stackable, the inside measurement is 16.5" x 24.5".   A commercial full sheet is 16" x 24". They are baked in 16" x 24" bakeable cardboard trays that fit into the Bun pans (flat surface portion) which are used during baking for support and handling purposes. A true commercial full sheet (16" x...
Picture two half sheet cakes side by side... the 12" side is doubled to 24, but the 16" side remains the same.
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