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Never say never... I've seen it happen!
 Waxed are typically used for cheesecakes -- It's possible for tiers to slide off.
No, you shouldn't freeze because when it thaws, it will be as soft as when you put it in the freezer... you can let it dry in the oven with only the oven lightbulb on.
Just sayin' , 'cuz you said you need the cake to settle and they can't settle in the refrigerator (only at room temperature), so I thought I'd give a friendly reminder that it must be refrigerated... no choice with strawberries.
A single layer 12" serves 28, and a double layer 9" serves 32...
Keep in mind, strawberries MUST be refrigerated or they can mold overnight.
Exactly, this works... 6-8 designs to choose from, deliver, done.
Here's one member's explanation:
SPS is not a company, they are Single Plate Separators, and leah_s named 3 places you can buy from in her signature line. (she was also kind enough to make a tutorial on how to use them--for the benefit of all--all for free!)
You could try using brown vanilla.
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