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Definitely, use cake boards...
For more attractive presentation boards, I wouldn't use uncovered corrugated cardboard circles, nor covered with plain household silver aluminum foil.   Creamsickle Cupcake should be Creamsicle Cupcake
They aren't food safe, unless lead free...
Perhaps this is your problem... are they bamboo skewer sticks?  Is this a tiered cake (needs stronger supports) or layer cake (no supports necessary)? tell us more about the size(s).
I refrigerate and/or freeze royal icing all the time.  You should not refrigerate finished royal flowers or decorations as moisture will ruin them.
An easier way -- rather than cutting one set smaller, smash one set of cut outs a little larger.
I'd cut the red and blue from the same template, then smash (roll out thinner w/rolling pin) the blue so it's slightly larger to border/outline the red layer on top.
7 cups for 2 8" pans, and 14 cups for a 12x18 half sheet pan.
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