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I refrigerate and/or freeze royal icing all the time.  You should not refrigerate finished royal flowers or decorations as moisture will ruin them.
An easier way -- rather than cutting one set smaller, smash one set of cut outs a little larger.
I'd cut the red and blue from the same template, then smash (roll out thinner w/rolling pin) the blue so it's slightly larger to border/outline the red layer on top.
7 cups for 2 8" pans, and 14 cups for a 12x18 half sheet pan.
Never say never... I've seen it happen!
 Waxed are typically used for cheesecakes -- It's possible for tiers to slide off.
No, you shouldn't freeze because when it thaws, it will be as soft as when you put it in the freezer... you can let it dry in the oven with only the oven lightbulb on.
Just sayin' , 'cuz you said you need the cake to settle and they can't settle in the refrigerator (only at room temperature), so I thought I'd give a friendly reminder that it must be refrigerated... no choice with strawberries.
A single layer 12" serves 28, and a double layer 9" serves 32...
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