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Learn how to build tiered cakes here...
Gumpaste or BC?
Just a heads up, texasSugar probably won't see your reply as she hasn't been active for nearly 2.5 years.
Ateco 3-pronged pivot:
10"x6"=50 (if it doesn't have to be 3 tiers).
Do you use a tip? If so, what number tip?   Yes... petal tip of your choice.
Good advice about using cake board under dummy going on top of real cake (prevents dummy from being pierced by support system).  It isn't necessary to use cake boards under dummies stacked on dummies since they don't require internal supports (don't worry about any height difference--it's miniscule and won't show). If a 12" is going on the 14", 4 or 5 poly dowels are enough-- 6 or 7 skinny wooden dowels are enough. (Bad advice on 3 dowels in a row--that doesn't offer any...
Freezing adds moisture.  Why don't you try it--do a taste test with a freshly-baked cake and a frozen one.  See if you can tell the difference... you might be surprised.
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