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Make sure your mixing bowl is full to the top with the beater/paddle fully covered so it isn't incorporating air.
I'd tell her she needs a 4-tier cake and she should buy you an 18" half round pan (that will fit in your oven).   18" = 127 14" = 78 10" = 38 6" = 12 total = 255
Each cake and styrofoam spacer on a board the same size, support system under each foam spacer... similar to this:
No. $8.37 ea. @ Sam's Club...
Nice pics.  It reads like English is not your primary language (several grammar and spelling errors).
Uncovered single-layer corrugated cake boards = unprofessional.
Wilton pink garland marker...
Industry standard (wedding servings), I'd suggest:12x8=8010sqx8=7410x8x6=74
Maybe use your wobbly wheel along your ruler.
"I'm trying to imagine where to put the shell 'columns', are they in the middle of the string work? Or are they in line with the rosettes?"   First, pipe upright shells around cake, next pipe stringwork across every other "column", then pipe a second row of stringwork across remaining columns, then pipe rosettes on last.
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