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SPS=Single Plate Separator
Normally, when ordering, they ask what your serving requirements are, then sell you the appropriate size. According to Wilton, industry standard 8 cu. in. servings for a 10" is 38... Hope you'll receive the correct size for your guests.
Way too many servings for the bottom 2-3 tiers to be real cake with a serving goal of 250 (for example, an 18" serves 254 by itself if it's 6" tall with a board in the middle and served as two separate 3" tall tiers, and a cake that big in diameter really should be at least 6" tall to look proportionately strong and sturdy as a base rather than short and squatty). I believe the sizes shown are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and eight 6" rounds making up the petal-shaped base (404...
Yes, weird.  An 18" is so big, it really should be 6" tall to look proportionate (w/a board in the middle at 3" to be served as two separate tiers) and it serves 254 by itself.  Is there any reason they can't have a 4-tier cake?  I'd make a 16" x 14" x 10" x 6" for 228 servings, and make an additional 6" anniversary tier for their freezer.
It helps if you chill your dough before rolling and cutting.
No... typically, with a board every 4" of height, and sliced in standard serving sizes... this is helpful:
Cupcakes can dry out fast, especially if refrigerated.  I'd leave them out at room temperature, but be sure to box them or use a container to maintain moisture.
Because gravity will win and they will separate from one another unless solid "bookends" are used to hold them all together keeping them upright.
A 4" high layer cake doesn't require supports -- over 4" does.
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