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I've been told you can substitute baking powder for the cream of tartar and baking soda in a snickerdoodle recipe. I've "misplaced" mine somehow.... Has anyone tried this and how did it turn out?
I've made these for the past couple of years!! People just love them!!
I can't seem to find this topic on here, although its been sorry in advance Done with a 3 tier cake. For some stupid reason I set the mmf covered cake in fridge and the bottom tier looked wet after it I took it out and it sit for a minute. Should I leave it sit out and go on to bed? Should I put a fan on it? It will be picked up in the am so redoing will not be an option. Grr never had this happen before!
A tip from my friend that works in the health department.....Charge her for the cake plate and give her the cake for free!!
Just venting...not the end of the world I made a few dozen of beautifully decorated chocolate cupcakes with a PB buttercream drizzled with chocolate and garnished with a reese cup for a bake sale. I told them to make sure they stay out of direct sunlight. (it was cool and breezy that day). Well, I was working just 10 feet away at another food booth and I kept glancing over and couldn't see them. Once I had a break in the action I walked over and the cupcakes were...
One day, just messing around with new ideas, I made strawberry daiquari cake baked in cocktail glasses. They turned out really good!!! I was waiting for the glass stems to shatter but they didn't.
I'm only a hobby baker....I bake for free, about 1 cake a month.... so I won't splurge (YET!!) on the SPS system. That being said....When I made a cake that size, I put 5 dowels in bottom, 4 in the middle tier. 1 long dowel going thru all three tiers. The person I made it for picked it up one full day prior to the shower and it held up just fine.
I used my AmeriColor gels and the cake turned out just fineHTH I take a swig of Vodka, and then....Oh Thanks, I will try that! I'm usually more careful.
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