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It looks like gelpaste (mixed with vodka)painted with a small fine tip brush(artist brush)
I am not familiar with the imprinter?
I know I have seen this mold and I have looked everywhere. Does anyone know where I could purchase this? It is the large square mold.
Are you looking for a sponge cake with cannoli filling or with pastry cream?
I do the same thing as cakestar, I add a "spackle coat" cake crumbs mixed with buttercream made from butter, shortening and confectionery sugar(Toby Garret's recipe) Works like a charm, makes the cake look flawless.
What is your modeling clay recipe? Did you use chocolate coating?
I love Betty Hagman's ccokbooks for gluten free baking, also the Bob's Redmill site has some great recipes.
Have you tried Rose levy's recipe? You need a digital thermometer for accuracy. The butter needs to give to your finger when pushed ,but not be greasy looking. I always beat on med low speed for aprox 2 to 4 minutes and slowly add the butter chunks( I stick my very clean finger into the mixture to see if it is cooled down). If it is too soupy you can beat it over an ice bath and whisk quickly, Taking it off the ice to beat with a whisk. Hope that all makes sense.
thank-you all for the help!
Anyone have a good source?
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