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I use only Italian Meringue buttercream,( I Iive in a dry climate)it's fabulous. As long as your room is air conditioned , 2 hours is fine. It's one of the more stable "frostings".
Some butters are more yellow. I won't buy Sam's because of this , I made IMBC with Sam's butter and with Kroger butter and there was a huge difference in color.
I just did this cake, I used pearls and I piped some dots, but it still took along time!
I only use Massa Grischuna neutral , I have tried all the others and either you got alligator skin or they tasted horrible.
I go through spurts of using it ,I use it for paper and fondant(not at the same time)
The molds are very easy to use, a lot less stress for you.
I used a barbecue skewer and just pressed it into the sides to create the design.
I am sure everyone has their own ways, I roll out my fondant so its 1/8 inch thick then I cut 1/2 inch strips and I curve the piece a little and on the outside of the curve I use my ball tool to thin and slightly ruffle and attach starting at the top. It does not have to be perfect(that is the shabby chic look), I use gum arabic to attach , just a little painted line along the bottom of the strip. I just go down the cake. PM if you have any questions. It's pretty easy...
Thank-you so much! I am going to order the FMM set.
When I was looking today I wondered if they used those, I found some novelty cutters ,but they are a bit too big. Thanks for your help. Anyone else have any ideas?
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