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You won't have any problem.  I live in the Rockies and have gone from 4000 feet to 8000 feet in elevationwith a wedding cake  without a problem.
I have done this on fondant and made a template out of card stock and traced it onto the the cake.  You need to figure out the spacing, so it works out evenly. The template made it so much easier.   Hope that helps.
You need to place the fondant on the cake and then press the mat into the sides of the cake, if you have a silpat place your cake on that dust your impression mat with corntsarch or luster dust(remove the excess) and press the mat into the cake.  I like to go over the top of the mat with fondant smoother .    Did you get the paisley mat(it's very big) I cut a 7 inch wide strip off of mine to make it easier to handle.  If you place the mat into the fondant before applying...
I don't think you'd have a problem as long as the cake is refrigerated.  I would drain the whey out the ricotta for a few days so it is very firm.
Press and seal works great on the back of flowers , I used it for flowers the bride made.
I have used mine with sure cuts a lot(can't do that now). Maybe once every few months ,but I also use mine for paper, I have liked it when I needed to use it, for small things I still use my exacto knife.
I to also spread out my decorating through the week. Your cake will be fine.
I use the wilton water tubes.
Is this what you are looking for?
I have done a cake similar to this and I did fondant with gumpaste cutouts, I ordered some molds from decorate the cake and used an exacto knife to cut out the others and piped royal icing . The molds just take a while.
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