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You need to place the fondant on the cake and then press the mat into the sides of the cake, if you have a silpat place your cake on that dust your impression mat with corntsarch or luster dust(remove the excess) and press the mat into the cake.  I like to go over the top of the mat with fondant smoother .    Did you get the paisley mat(it's very big) I cut a 7 inch wide strip off of mine to make it easier to handle.  If you place the mat into the fondant before applying...
I don't think you'd have a problem as long as the cake is refrigerated.  I would drain the whey out the ricotta for a few days so it is very firm.
Press and seal works great on the back of flowers , I used it for flowers the bride made.
I have used mine with sure cuts a lot(can't do that now). Maybe once every few months ,but I also use mine for paper, I have liked it when I needed to use it, for small things I still use my exacto knife.
I to also spread out my decorating through the week. Your cake will be fine.
I use the wilton water tubes.
Is this what you are looking for?
I have done a cake similar to this and I did fondant with gumpaste cutouts, I ordered some molds from decorate the cake and used an exacto knife to cut out the others and piped royal icing . The molds just take a while.
I use 1 pound of chocolate and 2 tbl butter and 1 cup of heavy cream with 2 tbls of corn syrup with the heavy cream. I bring the cream to boil and pour over finely chopped chocolate and cover bowl with plastic wrap for a few minutes , then whisk till smooth. I usually put the ganache in fridge and whisk periodically till it the thickness I want. If it gets too thick you can microwave at 1/2 power for 20 second intervals. Did you use semisweet chocolate(milk and white...
I think it's part of the business. You never know where business will come from, You can't ever make judgments about what people will or will not do. I don't think it makes you look desperate.
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