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Have you tired adding more glycerine?  
I think baker's cash and carry in Murray sells it , they have a website. 
I am no fan of satin ice either.  What about Michelle Foster's (sp) fondant recipe?  I have used it ,it's easy to work with.
I have done 8 inch cakes and frosted and filled 2- 4 inch cakes .   I try to get a thicker coat of frosting on the top cake  that will be covered by cake board, I use straws for on the bottom layer for weight then I cut  a piece of cardboard that fits the top of that bottom. I place the next 4 inch tier on top of the cake board and make sure it's lined up evenly and I put a dowel off to the side( I run a center dowel through all the tiers once finished and stacked)....
glass, I made it, beveled glass top and a glass....wait for it ...a salad bowl!
I have also done this. On top of the bottom layer of fondant I lightly rubbed shortening so the top layer of    fondant would adhere.  I also used cutters  and an exacto knife to do some freehand cutting.
Type in baroque molds and they should come up, I think I bought mine at sugarcraft.
You won't have any problem.  I live in the Rockies and have gone from 4000 feet to 8000 feet in elevationwith a wedding cake  without a problem.
I have done this on fondant and made a template out of card stock and traced it onto the the cake.  You need to figure out the spacing, so it works out evenly. The template made it so much easier.   Hope that helps.
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