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The only thing about the mold is it seem like you would get distortion when trying to remove the gumpaste.
I love the intricate look of this.  Do you think a cricket could pull this off?                
Have you tired adding more glycerine?  
I think baker's cash and carry in Murray sells it , they have a website. 
I am no fan of satin ice either.  What about Michelle Foster's (sp) fondant recipe?  I have used it ,it's easy to work with.
I have done 8 inch cakes and frosted and filled 2- 4 inch cakes .   I try to get a thicker coat of frosting on the top cake  that will be covered by cake board, I use straws for on the bottom layer for weight then I cut  a piece of cardboard that fits the top of that bottom. I place the next 4 inch tier on top of the cake board and make sure it's lined up evenly and I put a dowel off to the side( I run a center dowel through all the tiers once finished and stacked)....
glass, I made it, beveled glass top and a glass....wait for it ...a salad bowl!
I have also done this. On top of the bottom layer of fondant I lightly rubbed shortening so the top layer of    fondant would adhere.  I also used cutters  and an exacto knife to do some freehand cutting.
Type in baroque molds and they should come up, I think I bought mine at sugarcraft.
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