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Ok I am still looking, I went to way to may sites looking for another texture mat.  This is close but not the same .  .   I am still looking between working.
I just saw this,I was looking through texture mats for clay.  If I can find  the website I will pm you.
it's a gorgeous cake.  I contacted the person who made the cake and she said it was all piped.   
can you find confectioners sugar made from sugar beets , no bone char is used.  I would bet that the less expensive confectioner sugar is from beet sugar.  you might be able to call stores to find out.
What is your recipe for IMBC ?
I just purchased some rhinestone buttons with really pretty designs at hobby lobby, they were very inexpensive.
I do the Toba Garrett spackle and than IMBC over that.
What does the filling look like now?
When I make cannoli filling I drain the whey out for 2 or 3 days so it's drier.  I use Nick Malageri "s recipe for cannoli filling.  I also have seen people use a bit of gelatin in to stabilize the mixture.
Do you use parchment paper on the bottom?  Also if you froze it for a bit , that would help remove from the pan.   Also if you try to decorate a freshly baked cake they tend to crumble, so maybe make it the day before and refrigerate or freeze .  Hope that helps
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