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If you have a food processor use that , chop your chocolate add pulse it in the food processor till small bits. If you don't have a food processor chop into very small pieces , add your cream that you boiled and pour over the chocolate and cover tightly with plastic wrap and let sit one minute,then whisk. I have been a pasty chef for 20 years and a food processor is my first choice,(pour the boiling cream over the fine chocolate).
Is it the G34? airbrush.
I am interested in getting an airbrush and cannot find the TC-20 on there site.
You have to be careful with the americolor, I use 3/4 tsp of americolor super red into 8 ounce of water. If you want I could PM you my recipe.
You can over cream the butter and the sugar, that will cause spreading, along with baking soda. So make sure your butter is not warm and mush, cold enough so you can push a finger into it , and replace 1/2 tsp of baking soda with baking powder. Do you live at a higher altitude?
Can anyone recommend a birthday cake decorator in Casper,WY. Please pm. Thanks.
Use a food processor, put your chopped chocolate and pulse it add your butter ,heat your cream to a boil with corn syrup(1 lb chocolate, 1 cup heavy cream,2 tbl butter and 2 tbl corn syrup)and add to chocolate and pulse to blend , also chocolate chips work a bit differently than couveture, I would try merckens monopol or a guittard semisweet.
What about a blog? You can set it up to look like a website and it's easy to do by yourself.
I think the bubbles behind the text makes it hard to read, I might go with an orange sherbet kind of color, lighter so it won't distract from the pictures. I wouldn't send out postcards, I would try to link to other vendors on the internet and facebook. It's all about being connected.
A 3 tier will be fine, not everyone will eat cake, I did a giant Torah for a friends son and they had a dessert bar and they took some cake home(which was fine).
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