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I have an Ateco pedestal turning decorating stand, but my favorite to use is a wooden IKEA lazy susan, it's great for large cakes.
There is a great recipe for white cake on bob's red mill also Betty Hagmen books are very good. 
Try reducing the baking soda by a smidge, to much can cause them to fall.
My nephew just got married and they had polyester burlap table cloths that they rented.  Try googling polyester burlap.  It looked just like burlap, I was very surprised.
Cal Java
Have you tried looking at Designer stencils, ?
Ok here are more
Ok I am still looking, I went to way to may sites looking for another texture mat.  This is close but not the same .  .   I am still looking between working.
I just saw this,I was looking through texture mats for clay.  If I can find  the website I will pm you.
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