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I have atenciled before but never used shortening on the template .  Anyone use this method of lightly coating the back of stencil so it adheres better?  I have an intricate designand wonder if tis is a better way to do itthen just using the  stretchy bandage tape. Thanks.
Thanks so much!
Yes it is the cutter!  
Center black cake on the bottom tier.
Help! I know I have seen these cutters, but can't remember where? and it's the bottom on this cake.  Thanks
Does anyone have a source in the US for pastel sheets of  wafer paper?  I can't seem to find any in the US.  Thanks
I would guess you have too much baking powder, try reducing it by 1/2 teaspoon.
I have used the 1/2 sheets from sams as a top and a bottom and they 're very inexpensive.
I use the 1/2 sheet cake boxes from sams, I set my rear air conditioning on high and cover with towels(helps keep sun out and keeps them cool).
Here's a link for the IKEA lazy susan
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