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My daughter's Ballet teacher's wife has asked me to make a birthday cake for her husband. His favorite dessert growing up in the Ukraine was called a neopolitan. She said it is similar to a tiramisu but with fruit instead of the cinnamon/espresso. Any one know of this and have a resipe?TIA!!!
I have searched and read and am cross eyed. I have made my ganache, but everything says to let it "set up." Is that in the fridge or not and if not is it an issue with the cream or is it like BC with the high sugar content acting as a preservative?Thank you for any help!!
My son has asked for a pina colada cake. Honestly I have never had a pina colada anything. I'm not sure what flavors I am looking for. I tried putting it into the recipe search but didn't come up with anything clear cut. Could someone just tell me what flavors I need or if your willing a great recipe. I would so appreciate it and really feel kinda stupid for having to ask.
Leah- does that mean you do not use/like/think MMF. What do you use? Just wondering.
I don't think I will be much help, other than to give you what I have experienced. Earlene's was the chart I started using and for some parties seemed too much, bridal and baby showers. ( I think it is ladies not wanting to eat too much) Birthday parties it seemed to be just enough or a little extra. I chose Wilton for a wedding and it was just enough for all the guests ( I happened to be one of them) but people wanted more and there wasn't any. Wilton wasn't enough for...
For outdoor events I highly encourage fondant but will the ganache melt under the fondant and then everything starts drooping.Thank you for all your help.
Katie- the WASC refers to the white almond sour cream cake recipes. For the dam I use very stiff BC and yes I do refridgerate my cakes.Schyler- I have been trying to get with the ganaching but am having trouble. One convincing customers about fondant let alone ganache and two getting recipes right. I will look at those sites. Thank you!!
I use the WASC recipes. Live at high altitude. Low to no humidity here. I do freeze my cakes. I fill my cakes and let settle overnight before decorating. I do use a dam.So here is the problem err problems. First when I cover in fondant, I get the dreaded bulge. Sometimes just on one side but usually everywhere even though I wait overnight to after filling. I have tried rolling the fondant thinner to the point that it tears VERY easily.When I cover in BC, after a while...
You don't worry about stuff being blown onto the cake? fuzz or lint in the air?
I thought so but was hoping for a miracle cure. It's the bottom tier so I don't want to stack while it is so sticky. Blah!
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