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Those are great ideas- it would be fun to incorporate a little Christmas into it I want to send them home with a small project... Thinking a cupcake topped with fondant and a holiday decoration.... A duff rose is one of the easier decorations though, and still so cute, so I might just end up doing that! Thanks again for the feedback! This stresses me out so much!
I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times- I've been unable to find ideas in other threads. I have been asked to teach a very basic fondant class for my church women's group. I just found out that my alloted time is only 1 hour, and I'm struggling to figure out what to teach in the class. I am planning to use marshmallow fondant and giving them the recipe to use at home.... but am kinda at a loss after that. I could use any and all suggestions! Thanks in advance :)
That's kinda what i picture it as. Her other colors are navy blue and lime green... so something that works with those two colors :S You think just some sky blue with a touch of black?
I'm doing a baby shower cake this weekend, and the momma to be asked that I include an "icy blue" color in the decor. Any idea how I can get this color? I'm not turning up any ideas in the search tab or on the color mixing chart...
Hey all my cake decorating friends! I need some help with a wedding cake (my first real one!) that I'm doing for a co-worker this weekend! She wants a 9" round 7" tall single tier cake, covered in fondant. She also wants the fondant to have vertical lines on around the sides, kinda like the effect you could get with those decorating combs used on buttercream. My question is on how I can get that effect on the fondant- should I wait till it's on the cake to use an indented...
Awesome! Thank you both so much When I thought about it, that made a lot of logical sense to do it that way- but it helps to have confirmation! Loucinda, glad to know you've done something like this before and it worked well! Thanks again guys!
I am in need of advice with a cake I'm making. I made a lemon cake, and want to fill it with raspberry puree and white chocolate ganache. What would be the best way of doing this? Should I put the raspberry puree between one layer, and the ganache between the other one? Or can I put both in between the same layer? TIA!
I was totally looking for a picture like that! Great idea to use rice crispy treats! Thanks for that!
Check out my first post LOL. So, I'm a labor and delivery nurse who dabbles in caking. I've done a couple cakes for parties that we've done, and in a month or so one of our favorite OB/GYNs is moving and we're throwing a going away party for which I've been asked to do a cake. This OB/GYN has a great sense of humor, and I'm trying to figure out how to do a funny and appropriate cake for her. My husband suggested a cake with legs in stirrups, which I think would be...
I made the oreo filling for a cake I made this weekend. It was awesome I don't really know that you would need to refrigerate it, but if you do, maybe just zap it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it easier to spread when you use it? I haven't tried it but based on the ingredients I think it would work ok
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