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Hi everyone, I have a friend who wants butterflies (not alive) both sitting on her wedding cake, as well as attached to wire of some form hovering above her cake. Does anyone know where i can purchase butterflies, or should i make them out of gumpaste, and then how do i attach them to something that will create the flying effect over this cake? Any help / suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Oh my gosh K8memphis!  Thank you SOOOO much! this helps me so much, and i'm so thankful for the directions.. i've been mulling it over for a while how to accomplish this look, and i was on the right path, i just couldn't figure everything out.  These instructions are great and i'm ready to start doing test runs! Thank you again!
Thanks for the reply, but all i saw were several people saying that they were wondering how to make it too, and then a link to a white birch cake, which doesn't look like this one...
Hi everyone!   One of my good friends is getting married and has asked me to make this wedding cake for her, without the gumpaste flowers or merengue mushrooms.  She wants it in crusting buttercream, but i'm not sure how to get the texture of the bark and correct coloring.  Please help with as many suggestions as possible. Thanks in advance! I gave the link to the cake below.
mix yellow and red until you get the burnt color you want. i start with orange or yellow, and add bits of red.
I havent' done this myself, but I've seen other people on here use uncooked spaghetti for them.
I think it's ribbons of fondant that are various shades of pink cut into strips and layered down the sides of the cake.
petiterouge thank you so much for the information and contact person. I am EXACTLY in the same position as you, and I can't see giving up my dog. I want it to be full-time as well, but i can't get rid of him.I admit, i did have a bit of a breakdown yesterday when i heard of the change. It's so tricky! It's almost like, why get the business license if they're not going to pass you anyways? It's almost a waste... I'll try to contact him and get some more info...thank you!
Petiterouge,is it even worth applying then? does it vary in Manassas (is that Prince William Co?) vs. Loudoun? Should we just expect to not pass the inspection if we keep the animal? Are we to just throw in the towel and realize that we can't have an inspected home bakery if we want to have an animal? This is quite discouraging now.
I'm in the same boat as LeeBd.I finally bought my first house last year and we've finally settled in. My kitchen opens up into the living room, and i would have to build another wall as well, and that just isn't going to work. My dog does the same thing. He's never in the kitchen when i work, and only comes in there to eat his dinner and then he leaves again. Was there some loophole about having a dog as a "guard dog"? My husband is a pilot and gone 90% of the time,...
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