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Yes I agree I need better photos.  A lot of my photos are pictures that the people take themselves.  If I could afford a good camera and lens I could take some great photos..   I love the advice about the backgrounds...  A lot to think about.   Thank you so much everyone for your insight and advice.  You guys on CC are always SO helpful!    THANKS AGAIN!
@howsweet   How in the world do you get birthday orders for that much?  That is what I would love to find!
My target is mostly birthday/celebration cakes.  I don't do too many weddings but would love to do more!  I don't really advertise at all although I am listed on google places and yelp.  I would love to know how I can advertise to the right people...   My website is
Hey everyone!   I've been caking (legally) for about 5 years now.  I became a legal biz in 2010.  I have a website and a facebook page with 250 likes and growing, but I am getting very few orders recently.  Maybe one a month.  What can I do to attract business?  Not only that but the RIGHT kind of business?  I have people email and call but they have completely unrealistic budgets for custom fondant cake.  I specialize in stacked fondant cakes and custom orders.  People...
Hi there.. I noticed your comment talking about how you post all the info on pictures of your cakes on your website..  cost per serving, size, total cost.    Just wondering how that is working out for you?  I've considered doing the same because I have so many questions from people wondering how I do my pricing and how much their cake will be.    Thanks!  
Hmm.. Well, I really do like your cake. Good Job! However I can understand your client's disappointment. I understand that she was a PITA all along, but perhaps you should've been more specific with her when it came to the actual design. Two things strike me as awkward or "missing something".. The first is indeed the belt. You put belt loops in but no belt and to me it looks unfinished. Perhaps you should've left the belt loops off and used another design element? ...
I also purchased the Marina video.. using a discount and was thrilled as well! She is a good teacher, chooses her words carefully and showed exactly how she was doing things. I have to politely disagree that there were "gaping" holes at the bottom of her fondant work. Marina anticipated the final look of her cake and knew which areas would be covered with borders, decorations etc.. When a glitch happened, she would point it out and show how to fix it and she would also...
I'm using regular lollipop sticks for a cake pop cake. And for the design I'm using, I'd like to color the sticks green. But i'm not sure what the best way to do that would be without turning everything into a gooey sticky mess! Any ideas? Thanks!
Hello everyone! I have an idea for an upcoming cake and I'm thinking about "molding" or "carving" a styrofoam cake dummy into the shape I want. But won't it just be really flakey? Is this even possible? Any advice is appreciated!
No, I feel like the ganache would be a waste. I use shortening on my dummies. I apply it liberally all over the styrofoam and it will smooth over any cracks and imperfections. It's always worked well for me.
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