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Hi I have been asked to make the cake below and would love some advice. On the second tier do you think the design is from Wafer Paper or painted on the design. Please note I don't usually copy designs from another decorator and will only be using elements of this cake which I absolutely adore but haven't been able to locate any info to be able to credit the decorator. Also has anyone had any success making a Fondant Tepee Topper? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I also struggled at first with Sugar Veil but eventually worked it out and love it . Humidity was my biggest hassle but placing it in an oven with a light fixed the problem. Trust me it's worth the practise
I have been asked to make a Dinosaur Cake for a friend she has asked it could be 3d I have been searching online for tutorials but nothing so far I am really out of my comfort zone and need all the advice and help I can get I have never sculptured a cake before
Hi I am thinking about covering the Wilton playboy bunny cake in fondant I have never done this before and would like any tips or advice before I start the cake thanks
Hi I am hoping that someone will be able to suggest or tell me what is going on with my doctored cake mix recipe. I have found this cake recipe to be very tasty and most love it but even to hold it and minimal pressure can cause it to crack and when eating it doesn't stay together very well and can make a mess. I appreciate your comments and understand to most it will sound silly or be plain commonsense I have included the recipe underneath in hope it might shed some...
Thanks everyone for your replies I really appreciate it. Now I understand what the term cake extender means I will give it a try thanks for the recipes.
Hi could someone please explain to me what is often referred to as Cake Mix Extender in recipes, I am looking at trying some of the fantastic recipes available on CC but have to admit some of the ingredients might as well be in another language. I'm in Australia and just new to Cake Decorating it's something I have always wanted to do, so maybe that will explain my lack of knowledge.
Thanks Deb for your reply and the link. I'm not to sure if there is going to be a substitute in Australia but I will check it out.
Hi All I have only recently discovered this site and cant seem to get off it the wealth of information available is amazing. My question is probably one that has already been answered many times but I was hoping someone could explain what is referred to as pudding mix I wanted to try some of the fantastic recipes on CC using a cake mix as a base but wanted to get some clarity what was a pudding mix was Is it like a mouse? I live in Australia so maybe that explains why I...
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