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Okay, I think I might lose my mind.  Let's try this link & thank you for being patient with me.  Everything is showing up in my feed.
Good heavens. I have posted it twice.  Whats the deal?   Let's try this.
Sorry, here is another picture of the cake, hopefully.     Any input would be great.  Thx
Hello Everyone,   Any input I can get on this design of cake would be must appreciated.     I have a customer who loves this cake (it's simply gorgeous) for her wedding next week.  Yes I said next week.  People just wait entirely too long these days don't they?   I agreed because next week is pretty slow at the shop.  So anyway... is this cake design stenciled on, painted on, any guesses?  And if anyone knows where I can find this particular pattern, I would be ever...
Hello Fellow CCer's,   Over the past several months (since October I believe) I have received numerous emails and texts from individuals wanting to place a huge cupcake order.  The emails and texts are always the same but from different people.   The content of the email usually goes a little something like this....     Hello This is Pat Aaron .i have a birthday party and so do you have cupcakes also do you accept credit card so if you have cupcakes...
I would love some help with an idea for a sheet cake. I will be doing a half sheet cake for a 25th Anniversary for a local business. They don't want the logo on it, only the #25 on the cake. The rest of the design will be as follows - White BC, quilting on the side with lime green edible pearls, and a purple satin ribbon around the base. On the top, only the #25 with a border and they have asked for no flowers. Anyone out there have an idea for me? Thanks in advance...
All I can say is wowzer!!
What type of design are doing? I would use a little water on the balls if they are meant to stick together. Otherwise, the icing should hold them in place.
Thank you everyone for the tips. I am nervous but I gotta give it a try. Wish me luck.
Just ordered the Mad Dadder pans from Global Sugar Art. I am excited to try my hand at a topsy turvy cake. (tired once before carving my own and I wanted to throw the cake in the street)If any one has used these pans and has some tips for me, that would be awesome. Thanks.!!!
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