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Thanks for the ideas, I don't have a pasta roller but it was so thin it was hard to work with. Guess I will keep trying, I like the smoother idea and will try that too, as expensive as these were I really need them to work easily like the video showed. let me know if you think of anything else
good afternoon cake friends. can anyone give me some tips for the damask marvelous molds...I have read many posts about how folks love them but i cant seem to get the pattern to cut out. iwatched the video and tried to do it the same way but it just wont cut it. I am using homemade fondant because no one likes the taste of the other stuff, i really hope that isnt the issue...I added tylose and rolled it thin but no matter how gentle or firm I roll my fondant roller across...
I did a craft fair a few weeks ago, not quite the same but close. I used someone else's idea and used one of those pampered chef apple cutters the kind that slices it in like 10 pieces and cut one cupcake put them in individual small containers with lids (like they put your dressing in to go with a salad - found them at walmart 50 to package on the paper goods aisle) and had those on a tray. The cupcakes that I had samples of all sold out.. the others did not. The sample...
I understand your concern completely. I have made many many birthday cakes but have refused to do wedding cakes because I do not want that much stress of being responsible for a huge part of their special day. I did one sort of wedding cake that was one tier with tons of gum paste roses and that was stressful enough. Good luck to you though, I am sure you will do awesome if you choose to do it.
I wrap each of mine individually and then choose a container like a flower pot or Chinese take out box, something to go with the holiday or theme. You can get a ton of cute things at the dollar store and just add that to the price of the order. I found the cutest little teacup pots for $1 each and can't wait for mother's day, I think it will be a great promotion.       Have fun   Colleen
Your cake is AWESOME!!!! love the lighting from beneath. Great job!
It might also be that your bottle isn't thick enough. Make sure you are rolling the bottle mold as you slowly pour out the sugar mixture so enough of it stays stuck to the mold to form a thick bottle. Just my thoughts, best of luck. They are fun to make
I would like to try Grace's recipe listed above but I have a few questions.   On step 4 it says "4. In large bow, beat shortening or butter with electric mixer on médium speed 30 seconds.Gradually add sugar, about 1/3 cup at a time., beating well after each addition and scrapping bow ocassionaly.  Beat 2l min longer.  Add egg whites, one at a time, beating well after each addition.  BEat in vanilla.  On low speed, alternately add flour mixture, about 1/3 of mixture at a...
I just followed the link, those shoes are amazing!!
Sorry no one answered..but if anyone still wants to know, I used tylose mixed with my 50/50 gum paste/fondant to get my sides to stay stiff. I made them a week ahead of the cake and then used white chocolate to adhere them together with the cake stacked in the middle. I am sure there are much better and neater looking ways, but that is what worked for me.   Hope the OP posts pictures, would love to see the finished cake :)
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