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I really liked it too - thought it looked nice and warm and rustic like, that sounds weird. But I really did like it! Definately wouldn't be able to make it in advance!
I made some fondant wings for a barbie fairy cake with added Tylose powder - hardened as long as possible and attached with icing. Maybe could add wires into them as well to give heaps more to hold on with! They wings weren't huge but they stayed on and didn't droop or anything. But I am a total newbie so I am sure others will have some better ways to attack the problem
I have just taken my chocolate cake out of the freezer to thaw (Saturday). My plan was to fill it and crumbcoat it tonight and then let it settle over night before covering with fondant and decorating (Sunday) for the customer to collect Tuesday, which is what she booked.I am always a bit time pressed as I work till 3pm every day and have two littles under four. I just flicked her a text saying what time did she intend to collect on Tuesday and I get the reply that...
I love you Cake Central family - you are always so helpful and supportive!
I am always trying to read people's expressions when they collect a cake - and second guessing myself, I think I probably wouldn't be entirely sure enough of myself unless they jumped up and down on the spot telling me how wonderful I was LOL!!! I think we are really a lot harder on ourselves - most non-cake makers are a lot more oblivious of all the minor errors that we can see. Pity you hadn't taken a pic. Chin up!!!!
Thenks for all the replies guys - makes me feel like I might not be completely bonkers after all! The bakery is just a small privately run cafe - not like a bit chain or anything. Apparently did the people's wedding cake and other cakes for them in the past so am presuming they do a few. I guess I worry about charging people too much and when you see somebody selling cakes for such a low price then I think I must be ripping everybody off. Not entirely sure how prices...
Funny you say that, there is a parenting magazine that comes out here and it had a competition in it for a kids party cake - aimed at amateur cake decorating mums etc. By husband said to me not to bother because there would be some really good cake decorators that would enter it. Really supportive LOL!!!!
I have only been cake decorating as a hobby since the start of the year, mainly just for kids birthdays. Just friends and family and the odd friend of a friend which I do charge for as they are strangers. Somebody had a cake at daycare today which was really good, fondant covered with a fondant digger on the top "digging" a hole in the cake. Looked really cute and apparently the cafe where they purchased it only charged $45. I would probably charge $70 and I am only...
I can totally relate - I have three to do one week this month and then got a letter in the mail with a long awaited operation date for my little boy. Right in the middle of that week of course and we have to travel and stay away two nights to be close to the hospital as we live in the country.
I suppose I probably only left it an hour max in the fridge just to harden the buttercream a bit. How long should I leave it for? Being impatient probably is one of my major character flaws, that and the attention span of a goldfish LOL!
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