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I reckon that it could potentially look really stunning, maybe try & keep the grey a lighter "dove grey" type shade. You have given her your professional opinion that you don't think the colours will work so she can't say she wasn't warned LOL!
Wow, they are all really amazing. I don't think I would be able to eat the zombie ones!!!!
Thanks everybody for ya help - I will give it a crack!
I would love to have a go at carrying out this type of effect on a cupcake - can anybody tell me how they get the lovely smooth fondant on top like this? Is it a fondant round placed on top or is poured fondant? If anybody could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Congratulations - thats awesome! Sounds like it was definately "meant to be". Hope everything goes smoothly and you are flooded with customers!
I can relate, I work, have two littlies & lots of volunteering obligations as well. I have a cake order form and on it they customer needs to state what time pick up will be. If they say 4pm on the form I say "oh that suits great because I'll be heading away to xxxx at 5pm". That way they know I have other obligations & I let them know if its not before that point then I won't be there. And they sure as heck wouldn't be getting a refund either if they didn't show and...
OMG - they are absolutely adorable. Well done you!
Good for you and I also think the name is really cool - just checked out your website and cracked up at the Matt Mc cake, what a classic!
I would tell her that unless full payment is received by the end of the day that you can no longer progress as she has voided the terms of the contract already. I honestly think people think you just pull a three tier cake out of your butt last minute so they can dilly dally around, sheeesh!
I can't understand why any bakery would even want to do that to themselves! Have a portfolio of things that they have never made, and are no doubt stunning, to only have a customer select one and then potentially be devastated if they possibly turn out horrendous. Isn't the whole idea of a portfolio to say this is what I have done & are capable of. Customer's have magazines & internet to find random pictures to say "can you attempt to do this"? I for one would never...
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